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Important Notice

Lookup Ninja has absolutely no control over the data our service provides, and we will not remove it - as we cannot remove it. All data is extracted by WHOIS lookups, or DNS lookups; all public information collectable by any bot, person, company, or service.

To have WHOIS data removed from the database, contact your domain registrar - the company you bought your domain with; our service provides this under the "WHOIS" section. If, after this, your data is still showing up on our website, this will be due to cache, and will automatically be fixed within 24 hours. We do not purge cache manually at this time.


Please note the above notice before continuing. Any support enquiries regarding our service only (we really cannot help you with WHOIS information) should be emailed to


Lookup Ninja's developer is Jacob Sammon, who is contactable at

Funding and Donations

Please note that we will not open crypto wallets for donations. Apart from in exceptional circumstances, donations can only be accepted by PayPal. All other donation-related enquiries can be emailed to


Please contact, ensuring you mention that the enquiry is about Lookup Ninja, preferably in the first line of the email or in the subject. To exercise your GDPR rights, email

Bug Reporting / Secure Contact

Emails sent to this inbox that should've been sent elsewhere will be deleted and the sender's address will be blocked from the secure account.

Secure Contact

Name: Lookup Ninja Security Team
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