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Privacy Policy

Last Updated 16 June, Wed (2021)

This is the privacy policy for Lookup Ninja, a service provided by Jacob Sammon. Jacob is based in the United Kingdom, but the primary Lookup Ninja server is in Luxembourg, with other servers in Germany, thus we aim to follow both European (EU) data protection law, and British data protection law.

"Lookup Ninja", "I", "us", "Jacob", and "Jacob Sammon" will be used interchangeably within this policy.

As a general rule, Lookup Ninja avoids collecting personal information, especially with regard to user accounts and sign ups.



Lookup Ninja uses cookies for analytics on the following publically accessable websites:,, and Analytics are hosted in Germany.

Analytical cookies always begin as follows: _pk_.

Message Acceptance

One cookie, lunj-ca, is created so our cookie acceptance message isn't shown to users who've already accepted it.


As previously mentioned, we use analytics on all of the following websites:,, and

Analytics allow Lookup Ninja to improve our website and see if we need to scale up hardware. To do this, we collect the following data:

Requesting your Data (GDPR)

Citizens of the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA), Switzerland, and United Kingdom (UK) can request their data under GDPR.

Lookup Ninja does not own, nor control, WHOIS lookup data, we are not responsible for it - your domain registrar is. You can only request data from us that we collect through analytics.

To excercise your rights under GDPR, send an email to (please state your jurisdiction(s)). Include your IP address(es), this is what we'll use to check through our data.

Data Storage

Analytics data is securely stored on servers in Germany. We hold data for a maximum of 180 days (6 months), before our systems automatically purge it.


Powered by HelloDodo Analytics

User Accounts

Lookup Ninja does not allow you to sign up for a user account at this time.


Please see the legal section of our contact page, or use the dedicated GDPR email (see subsection "Requesting your Data (GDPR)" of "Analytics").

Changes to this Policy

Lookup Ninja reserves the right to change this policy at anytime without any prior warning. From the point this policy is updated, that version will apply.