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Terms of Service

Last Updated 16 June, Wed (2021)

These are the terms of service for Lookup Ninja's DNS and WHOIS tool, located on the website www.lookup.ninja; here on "service".

Reasonable Use

Reasonable usage of our service is defined as usage that does not abuse Lookup Ninja or damage the expirence of other users.

Unreasonable Use

The following are all unreasonable use, and are not allowed without the express consent of Lookup Ninja:

Sanctions for Breaking these Terms

Lookup Ninja will take action as soon as it becomes aware of possible abuse by launching an investigation - it does not have to make this investigation public.

Lookup Ninja will deny service to anyone breaking these terms for a period of time it deems appropriate; possibly indefinitely.


Please see the legal section of our contact page, or, to report abuse of our service (someone/something breaking these terms), please use the form at www.lookup.ninja/abuse.

Changes to this Policy

Lookup Ninja reserves the right to change this policy at anytime without any prior warning. From the point this policy is updated, that version will apply.